Rasing awareness of the effects of plastic pollution. An interactive humpback whale follows your every move.

“Between 5 million and 13 million tonnes of plastic leak into the world’s oceans every year."


An XBOX Kinect sensor was used to gather depth data of approaching participants. Using a combination of skeletal tracking and thresholding, the whale’s path of motion was mapped to the location of the participant.

Loudspeakers were placed in all four corners of the exhibition space playing ominous sounds from deep sea recordings. This allowed for the audience to be engulfed in the installation, and subsequently focused on the negative impact the human race has caused on our oceans.

This exhibition took place during 2018 within the Grey Walls Gallery in Brighton.

  • Date

    20 Sep, 2018
  • Categories

    Art Installation
  • Client

    Environmental Awareness Campaign, Grey Walls Gallery
  • Technologies

    XBOX 360 Kinect, Processing, .js