“Just breathe…"

An emotive tale of hope. A beautiful collaboration with Jimmy Herrity and Tommy. Narration fused with illustration, animation & musical composition produced “Breathe”. A short animated film.


Static illustrations and parallax effects were used to fully immerse the viewer. A depth map was created for each illustration to play with depth of field during runtime. Paper textures were used to provide a nostalgic setting. The film follows the journey of a character striving for change. Animated with a meloncholic tone, “Breathe” resolves with a message of hope.

Watch the full video below.

Script :
” Breathe,
Just breathe,
And reflect,
you had hope,
So you crossed the river to reach it,
But the river became an ocean,
of all elements against you,
Just float,
It will pass,
It will pass,
And you’ll remember where you are,
And you’ll remember where you want to be,
And you will be judged,
But you must float above those yet to take a breath,
Just breathe. “

  • Date

    01 May, 2021
  • Categories

    Music Video, Illustration, Animation
  • Technologies

    Procreate, Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro