A commissioned piece for MindWorks. A bespoke skill-based game both designed and fabricated by Void Creative Studio. To be used as an interactive puzzle. The piece consists of Art Decor styling with a single pushing platform and rotating mouthpiece. The goal is to retrieve special tokens from the machine by inserting 2p coins into the machine. Careful timing and skill is required to navigate the barrage of obstacles to push the token forward and into the hands of the player.

penny pusher machine model diagrams. CAD & schematic


The project began with a design consultation with MindWorks around the bespoke nature of these classic arcade machines. The game needed to be increased in skill level and the aesthetic needed to match the MindWorks interior. Full schematics were provided that included the electrical & mechanical system design and structural fabrication blueprints. Along with an art decor bold colour scheme illuminated with a warm backlit LED strip. For a clean finish CNC routing was used in varying thicknesses of birch plywood.

  • Date

    25 May, 2021
  • Categories

    Art Installation
  • Client

  • Technologies

    Arduino, Electrical & Mechanical System Design, CNC Routing