A commissioned piece for SONY MUSIC. An Audio / Visual installation to raise awareness over Mental Health Awareness Week. Representing the mental wellbeing at SONY MUSIC.

We wanted to create a space for contemplative reflection and at the same time gather insight into the mental wellbeing of employees at SONY MUSIC. We often continue to run without taking time to step back and appreciate what we have. The Engine Room gives people chance to do this.


A number of clouds were fabricated using paper lanterns and fiberfill stuffing. OpenFrameworks (C++) was used for software development. This in combination with a custom LED system and electronics hardware integration formed the visual paradise for The Engine Room.

The installation ran over a one week period. Each day, employees were encouraged to drop in and answer the anonymous question:

“How is your mental health today?"

This was a rating between 0-10. Based on the cumulative average of values over the week. The suspended cloud structure began to change colour. A LED surge sequence of colour gave the participant visual feedback for data entry. A low cumulative average produced a red landscape within the room, a high average produced a blue landscape.

As well as visual representation, a dynamic audio soundscape was incorporated into the installation. Two audio streams were present. A piece full of melody and relaxing classical elements and another piece full of noise, distortion and chaos. These two signals were mixed together depending on the cumulative average. Distortion becoming increasingly present with a lower average. A metaphor for an unsettled mind.